About us

As an enterprise with over 22 years of manufacturing experience in the engineering plastics industry, with equipment and trained experts in Japan, we specialize in:

  • Processing and manufacturing industrial and household plastic details.
  • processing and manufacturing molds for industrial and household plastic industry.
  • Paint processing, printing on plastic, Metal surface.
  • Sewing protective products

Business Scope

  • Producing, Processing plastic products.
  • Producing, Trading in plastic molds.
  • Paint and print on plastic and metal surfaces.
  • Sewing protective products


  • Camera Case
  • Car antenna cover
  • Phone case
  • Digital camera case
  • Wristbands
  • RADO . watch band
  • Car interior lights
  • Cosmetic box
  • Walkie talkie hanger
  • Plastic bottle cap
  • Pill bottle cap
  • DVD cover
  • camera stand
  • plastic temple feathers
  • plastic products with inserts.
  • reflective vest, LED shirt, EL shirt
  • seatbelt
  • Rainboots
  • motorcycle power steering pads.
  • flashlight hook
  • water bottle hanger.


  • Receive processing and production of industrial and household plastic details.
  • Get Design, manufacture molds
  • Receiving painting processing, printing plastic and metal parts.
  • Receive, assemble and pack finished plastic products.
  • Sewing processing.