Anti-fatigue pads for motorbikes

Anti-fatigue pads for motorbikes
Product ID: 09P
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Materials Plastic POM (imported)
Weight 10 g
Color blue, red, yellow, black
size free size (fits most motorcycles)

How to use: Clip the pad to the motorcycle throttle, adjust the angle to suit the driver and enjoy the feeling of lightness every time you ride a motorbike.

Application: anti-fatigue for long-distance motorcycle riders and frequent driving.suitable for most motorcycles

Advantages: * Anti-fatigue when riding a motorbike for long distances and frequent use of motorbikes,* 3D design- fits the palm,* easy installation and adjustment.

Designed to fit most motorcycles.
3D design fits palm.
Features a non-slip texture on the outside and anti-slip ribbed on the inside.
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